Selected Recent Speaking



Presidio Graduate School

March 9

A Fireside Chat with Kevin Wilhelm, CEO of SBC, and Vanessa Forbes, Worldwide Lead of Print Sustainability Communications at HP


Presidio Graduate School

February 10

Enacting Positive Change: A Fireside Chat with Kevin Wilhelm, CEO of SBC, and Kevin Hagen, VP of ESG at Iron Mountain

Growthbusters Podcast

February 4

Finding Common Ground

Expedia Group 

January 21

Intersection of Climate and Social Justice


Pet Sustainability Coalition

December 4

Workshop: Building Common Ground

Presidio Graduate School

November 19

How to Talk to the Other Side with Kevin Wilhelm

Washington Business for Climate Action (WBCA)

November 16

Lunch & Learn: How to Talk to the Other Side

Harvard University

November 2020

Ask Josh Patrick

November 2

How to Communicate when you Hate the Person You're Talking To

Ignited With Meaning

October 14

How to Talk to the Other Side with Kevin Wilhelm

Bigger Than Us podcast by Nexus PMG

September 2020

Kevin Wilhelm, CEO of Sustainable Business Consulting

Green Sports Blog

September 2020

Episode 8: Two Interviews for the Price of One

Sustainable Nation Podcast / Sustridge

September 14

How to Talk to the Other Side 

Bipodisan Podcast

August 2020

Finding Political Common Ground Through Sustainability

Politics Done Right Podcast 

August 2020

Bridging the Political Divide Through Sustainability

Green Dreamers Podcast 

July 2020 

Finding Common Ground Through Sustainability 

Inspiring Sustainability 

July 2020

How to Talk to the Other Side in a time of Coronavirus, Recession, and Climate Change 

Green Sports Blog 

July 2020

Sustainability and Sports 

KING 5 TV: New Day Northwest

June 23 

Local Author Discusses How to Talk to the Other Side 

Earth 911: Sustainability in Your Ear 

June 22

Innovator Interview: How to Talk to the Other Side 

Sustainable Futures Podcast 

May 29

Talking to the Other Side 

16 Hours for Sustainability: Momentum Novum

May 16

How to Talk to the Other Side

Sounders FC Earth Day Podcast

April 22 

Winging it With Zac and Brad 

Earth Talks 

April 22

Seattle University, Virtual Event

COTE Earth Day Slam

April 22 

Virtual Event

Earth Day Hero Series 

April 8

Seattle Sounders


Cost Savings Through Better Environmental Performance

January 16



Turning Waste into Money 

March 4

South Sound Manufacturing Industrial Council, Tacoma, WA


Saving the Environment and Saving Money At The Same Time

December 13 

University of Washington

Sustainability in the Sports MBA

Nov 21

San Diego State, San Diego, CA

How to Talk to the Other Side (in 5 Minutes or Less)

Nov 12

Ignite Seattle, Seattle, WA

Transformative Change in Organizations

Oct 29

3BL Forum: Brands Taking Stands, Washington, DC

Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Business

Oct 18

The Entrepreneurs Podcast, Seattle, WA

Sports, Carbon, and Climate Webinar

Oct 16

Green Sports Alliance, Seattle, WA

Sustainable Business CEO on Exceeding Expectations

Oct 14

Exceeding Expectations Podcast, Seattle, WA


Learning to Talk to the Other Side in Turbulent Times

Oct 5

BGI Pinchot Alumni Event, Seattle, WA

Sports, Carbon, and Climate 

Jun 19

Green Sports Alliance Summit, Philadelphia, PA

How to Narrow Your Job Search for Career Success

Jun 14

Social Change Career Podcast, Seattle, WA


Seattle University Class Speaker

May 21

Seattle University, Seattle, WA

Business Consultant Leading Companies in Sustainability

May 20

I AM CEO Podcast, Seattle, WA

Helping the Seattle Sounders Become Green

May 17

SEATOWN Podcast, Seattle, WA


Sports and Sustainability

Apr 3

GSA Sustainability Summit, Portland, OR


How to Talk to the Other Side Using Sustainability

Mar 28

Ignite CSR Seattle, Seattle, WA


Kevin Wilhelm at WOHESC 

Mar 14

PCC, Sustain Me, Seattle, WA

Sustainable Business Goes Mainstream

Feb 28

Amiel Handelsman Podcast, Seattle, WA

Mind the Gap: How to Navigate the CSR Career Field

Feb 25

WA Higher Education Sustainability Conference, Seattle, WA


Sustainability as Innovation & Transformation Keynote

Nov. 9

Dallas Sustainability Summit, Dallas, TX


Integrating Sustainability into Curriculum

Nov. 9

Dallas Sustainability Summit, Dallas, TX

Transformative Change

June 4

B Local Conference, Portland, OR

Teaching Sustainability

May 19

UTRGV, McAllen, TX

Innovation, Profitability and Sustainability

May 11

Pacific Market International Executive Retreat, Suncadia, WA

Smart Business, The Bottom Line and Sustainability

Apr 13

CFO Forum, Bellevue, WA

Sustainability = $

The Business Side of Green Podcast,

Feb 21 

iTunes The Business Side of Green's

Sustainability is Good for the Bottom Line

Feb 20

Macalester College, St. Paul, MN


Sustainability as a Positive Force

Nov 30

PMI - Seattle, WA

Edg3 Fund Judge - Local Community Impact

Nov 16

Kitsap Conference Center

Bringing People Together Through Sustainability 

Nov 7

Licking County Land Trust - Granville, OH

Sustainability as a Value Creation Add

Nov 6

Denison University

Careers in Sustainability

Nov 6

Denison University

Sustainability: How Business Can Save the Environment if Done Right

Nov 6

Denison University

Sports and Sustainability - The Business Case and Fan Engagement

Nov 2

University of Minnesota

Sustainability in a Divided Country - How to Use it as a Positive Force

Aug 21

The Executive Network of Seattle

How to Get a Job in Sustainability (Workshop)

Apr 3

Western Washington University, WA

Hagan Wilhelm Matrix - Change Management for Sustainability

Mar 28

Milgard CSR Conference - Tacoma, WA

Sustainability as Positivity

Mar 8

Cascadia College, WA

Tracs Conference - Integrating Sustainability Across Curriculum

Mar 5-6


WAHESC - Sustainability in Higher Education

Feb 16-17

Spokane, WA


Making a Difference in Sustainability

Nov 17

Seattle Pacific University

Sustainability Jobs

Nov 15

University of Anaheim 

Sustainable Finance 
Nov 3
Macalester College


Networking - The Key To Getting Any Job

Oct 24
University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Integrating Sustainability Across Curriculum
Oct 21
University of Washington, Seattle WA


CSR Leader Series: How to Overcome Inertia and Regain Momentum on Sustainability
Oct 18
Atlanta, GA

Sustainability Jobs Book Launch
Oct 15
Impact Hub, Seattle, WA


Sustainability Panel Discussion
Oct 14
Seattle Pacific University, Seattle WA

How To Integrate Sustainability Across Your Curriculum
Oct 11
Seattle University, Seattle, WA


Sustainability in Finance - The New ROI Frontier
Oct 7
Saturna Capital, Bellingham, WA


The What, Why and Importance of Sustainability
Sept 27
EPRI, Charlotte, NC

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Aug 30,

Loyola Marymount University

Los Angeles, CA

When Corporate Responsibility Hits the Wall

June 6,

Sustainable Brands

San Diego, CA

How Sustainability Can Save Money in a Corporate Environment

May 20,

Podcast, Soundcloud

Earth Day Keynote

Apr 22,

Sustaining and Greening Expedia (SAGE), Expedia

Seattle, WA

Career Workshop

Apr 21,

Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA

TEDx WWU: The CEO Manifesto for the 21st Century

Apr 16,

TedX Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA


University of Washington Global Sustainability Case Competition Workshop

Apr 12,

University of Washington, Rethink, GC3, Seattle, WA


How to turn CSR Naysayers into your Allies

Mar 15,

CSR Business Conference, University of Washington-Tacoma,

Center for Leadereship and Social Responsibility


Net Impact Conference Keynote

Feb 27,

Western Washington University Net Impact Conference,

Bellingham WA


How to get a Job in Sustainability​

Feb 3,

Texas Regional Alliance for Campus Sustainability (TRAC), the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, South Padre Island, TX


How Sustainability Leads to Innovation and Business Value (and also Saves the Planet)

Feb 2,

Texas Regional Alliance for Campus Sustainability (TRAC), the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, South Padre Island, TX


Doing Away with Ssstainability Myths

Jan 28,

Sustaining and Greening Expedia (SAGE), Expedia, Seattle WA


Sustainable Finance

Jan 22,

Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY